Research & Teaching

Research Interests: Computer Science Education, Programming environments & techniques, Learning Technologies, Game-Based Learning, Immersive Learning.

Statement: I am a Computer Science teacher at a public secondary school (high school) in Tripolis, Peloponnese, Greece. I have extensive experience in teaching a wide variety of courses to students aged from 6 years old to mature adults and experience in teaching in multicultural settings.

As an educator, I perceive my main objectives as two-fold. On the one hand, I help students develop their understanding of ICT and build up valuable skills necessary to nearly any field. On the other hand, I provide opportunities for student critical thinking scaffold that reinforce reflective skills and help them understand not only how to perform a function, but also justify how they arrived at that solution. I try to reconcile these two objectives in my teaching practice instead of considering them separately.

I received my graduate degree in Informatics from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences - Automation Department (Greece), and my Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of the West of Scotland (UK) - Computing School. In June 2017 I received my Ph.D. at the University of Peloponnese (department of Informatics and Telecommunications) in the field of Computer Science Education. I have been very fortunate to study with extremely rigorous academic professionals who are genuinely committed to teaching and mentoring.